Office Cleaning Services


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Office cleaning services involve the cleaning and maintenance of commercial or business spaces, including offices, conference rooms, lobbies, restrooms, break rooms, and other common areas. The main goal of office cleaning services is to provide a clean, hygienic, and comfortable work environment for employees and visitors.

Office cleaning services offer a range of cleaning tasks that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each client. These tasks may include vacuuming and mopping floors, dusting and wiping down surfaces, emptying trash cans, cleaning and disinfecting restrooms, and restocking supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels, and soap.

Reception Area Deep Cleaning :
  •  Dusting of furniture
  •  Dusting and cleaning of partition glasses and light fixtures
  •  Removal of dirt and dust
  •  Polishing of hardwood surfaces
Overall Office Deep Cleaning :
  •  Dusting of cushions, ceilings, telephones, desks, chairs and tables
  •  General Dusting of computers, keyboards, mouse, etc.
  •  Carpet vacuuming
  •  Cleaning individual cubicles/workstations
Office Washroom Deep Cleaning
  •  Restroom Cleaning and Sanitizing
  •  Vent and blind Dusting
  •  Wash Closet and Wash Basin Cleaning
  •  Stainless and spotless Mirrors
General cleaning
  • Floor Sterilization- Use of cleaning and disinfecting Chemicals & sophisticated Machinery to remove deep layers of dirt.
  • Toilet Cleaning- Disinfecting, Sanitizing and Deep Scrubbing of Bathrooms and Toilets.
  • Furniture Cleaning- Vacuuming of all sofas, upholstery and curtains.
  • Surface Treatment- Special Treatment of steel, wooden and glass surface.
  • Walls and Ceiling- Dust-proof the walls and ceiling of the entire house.
  • Kitchen Cleaning- Cleaning of all furniture and Electrical Fixtures.
  • Window Cleaning – Cleaning all glass panes and windows that are safe to access.